Tuesday, 11 November 2014

week 2

Week 2
On week 2 we were still clearing the trees and we were also starting to do things on padlet with the whole class.My group felt that we would never finish clearing all the trees.It went well when we figerd out how to clear all the trees quicker though.The best part was when we cleared all the trees in our earier and started building the entrance way and the outline of the school.All the problems we came to were when we wouldn't finish clearing all the trees in time and when we didn't have a big enough out line for the school.We had a lot of success when we had all the trees cleared and when we got onto building some of the school.Next time we are going to start building the fence,office and hall.Some people were also starting to build there things but my group weren't. This is a picture of the padlet wall that we did before going on the computers and making our world on minecraft and below it is the padlet that we did after we were making our buildings.

At the end we disgust how it went and then the session was finished.

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